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We're well known for our extremely accurate property appraisals. Message us now and we'll get started immediately on a detailed assessment of your property - it's on the house!


If you are looking to sell your duplex, triplex or fourplex, we are the agents for you!

Why? Check out the list below:

In addition to our "average" list of clients on the market for general income properties, we also have a highly specialized roster of buyers who are specifically searching for duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexesThese 2-4 unit enthusiasts have historically outbid all other clients for our deals, and as a result can get you top dollar for your property.
We are on the phone 24/7. While many agents simply post your listing on the MLS and wait for calls, we proactively reach out to every single buyer on our list before the property ever hits the market.
In addition to calling our own clients, we use a specialized software to research contact information on every 2-4 unit owner in your zip code, and pitch your property as a great new investment.
Our marketing materials are unrivaled. Prior to placing your property on the market we spend two weeks crafting a detailed marketing package that has a history of closing deals right off the bat. We also put together mailings, advertisements and e-blasts reaching an even wider net of buyers.
We have access to the latest and greatest real estate technology. After marketing exclusively to our loyal clientele, we then saturate the internet with your listing using the websites and applications in our toolbox.
We are incredibly passionate about our real estate niche. As a result, we fall in love with every 2-4 unit property we list. This enthusiasm comes across strongly to buyers and agents, which is a major reason for our record breaking prices.
We have an excellent property assessor on our team. Pricing a property correctly is essential for a successful sale. If inaccurately priced, listings can sit on the market for long periods and become "stale" and unsold. We get it right the first time around and supply our sellers with quality offers.
We will tailor our marketing strategy to fit your needsWe realize that selling is a huge life step and we want to hold your hand through the whole process. So whether you want daily updates or are asking for no "for sale" sign in your yard, we'll work with you!
We have years of experiencing flipping 2-4 unit properties, and know what improvements to recommend that will drastically up your sale price. Prior to listing, we will give you two separate valuations:  an "as is" list price, and a list price that includes the updates.
We know the ins and outs of rent control, which is a major factor in Los Angeles sales. Believe it or not, many deals lose buyers because a property's rents are too low and its tenants are protected under LA's rent stabilization. With our extensive knowledge of the system, we know how to turn the negative of rent control into a positive. We use this positive spin to persuade buyers to purchase rent controlled deals.



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