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Howdy Renter!

We can't wait to help you secure your next home.

If you've found a property of ours you like, now is the time to apply! Click the below link, navigate to the property you'd like to submit and application on,  then hit "Apply Now" to begin the application process. Our dedicated leasing agents are on call to answer any questions you have during the process.


Application Instructions

1. Navigate to the property you're interested in on this page and hit "Apply Now". If you are submitting an application on a property not currently being marketed on our website, please contact your leasing representative to receive an email with application instructions.
2. Anybody who is over 18 years old must fill out an application.
3. All co-signers must fill out a full application and supply all required documentation.

4. Pay $40 for the background check.
5. Furnish a valid form of identification.
6. Provide your last 3 paystubs and last 3 bank statements. We are looking for tenants who make at least 3 times the monthly rent. If you are providing a business bank account, please include a statement of information/articles of incorporation that show your ownership of the company.
7. Email your dedicated agent once you have completed the application and attachments!

Please note: Inc. is not responsible for selecting any tenants. We send all materials to the property owners and they are the decision makers! 

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Prior to moving into your new home, you'll need renters insurance. Sign up here for great rates! 

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Still Looking?

Click on the icon below to view our entire rental inventory! We can't wait to find you the perfect match!


Are you ready to buy?

If you're ready to make the jump from leasing to buying, we're here to help! A great way to start investing in multifamily is by buying a duplex. Lease one unit, occupy the other, and have most of your mortgage covered! It's the most economical way to live in LA.

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